Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Squares, squares, squares.....

And a little doily! Look what someone sent me in the mail yesterday. It wasn't a secret pal, it was someone from Crafting for a Cause! And a totally unexpected surprise! (Aren't those the best surprises? Well sometimes...) It's a beautiful little doily. I love it! And thank you!!
Here is what I have been working on lately... squares! They're fast, they're fun, and easy. All of these squares (it's only five, but...) are for Crafting for a Cause. The two granny squares above, and the Blue Columbine Square below, are all 6 inches. The Blue Columbine square is actually supposed to be 6.5 inches, but I had been making 6" grannies with a G hook, and the basic square is just a granny square so I continued with a G hook, skipped row 5, and did dc's with the darker blue for the last row. (I changed it a little, to make it equal 6 inches.) I still haven't done the 'stamen' part in the middle. I still haven't sewn the flower on, either, but.... I thought this would be a neat square to send in since Blue Columbine is the Colorado State Flower.
And, here are two 8 inch squares I am sending in as well. The rose one on the right was sent to me by my secret pal at Crochetville. Thank you again, secret pal! I said I would 'match' her 8 inch square with one of my own to send in. And so here it is. I couldn't really find any 8 inch squares I liked online, and since I don't own the 63 squares book (that's what she made hers from)... I just whipped out the old crochet encyclopedia and found a pattern stitch I liked. So that's my square. Not a big deal but it will go into an afghan and make someone warm on Pine Ridge.
Oh and here is a 13" oddball square. I meant it to be 12 inches, but it turned out a tad big. But, someone from CFAC collects all kinds of squares, so I will send her this one. It's the Bobby's Square. I like it. Next time I'll use one size smaller hook. Hopefully it will turn out twelve inches then.
I am also working on a scrap granny afghan pattern I got from Annie's Scrap Crochet Club (or something like that.) I'm all for scraps (that's about all I have.) :) So far I like it. I would like to get some more 'scraps', though. I think I am going to go shopping tonight (by myself-Woo Hoo!). So I'll be able to get more colors. I'll post a picture of that afghan later. Have A Nice Day!


Mimi said...

Tina, everything looks wonderful! I esp liked the 8" square you made and the pink one sent to you. I also like the last one. I've not done any squares for afghans. Have not ever made an afghan, but I'm inspired seeing your beautiful squares. Also, I'm looking forward to see your scrap afghan =)

Rachel said...

cute grannies. I love them all. I have so many grannies at home its unreal. I guess I should get started making an afghan huh! :)

Tina said...

Thanks Rachel and Mimi. I just sent out about ? over 30 granny squares that were laying in a bag forever to Crafting for a Cause. Whew. They were all different sizes, though. I would like to make a granny square afghan now, though.

Thanks for stopping by! :)