Friday, March 03, 2006

THIS was in our basement (The kids' bedroom!)

It's a Scorpion. YUUUUCK!! Our oldest son found it. He HATES spiders/any arachnids... But, he killed it. (Sprayed it with Bug Stop.) I have no idea what kind it is. But, I think I have it right side up. The other side is flat. This side is round and sticks out. Well I don't really care what kind it is, just as long as I don't see any more! Everyone who we've told about it says, 'I have never seen a scorpion. Not here, anyway.' But, our neighbor, who has lived here 30 years next door to us, said there are scorpions here. He thinks the reason we had one is because this house sat empty for so long. Well I just hope I don't see any more. We are bombing the house with and indoor bug fogger this weekend. And I've vacuumed and cleaned off shelves, and shaken out everything and checked shoes.... Yikes!


Maria said...

OMG, that was your basement it was creepy!!

Mimi said...

Oh my, Tina, I wont be able to sleep well if I found one in my house! (But I would have wanted to see some real scorpions, different kinds. Just curious...)

Jaye said...

Oh my gosh! I would've died if I had that thing in my house - yuck! I feel so badly for you and hope you there aren't any more. Yikes.