Monday, February 27, 2006

Chocolate Roses and Hearts

Well I finally got brave enough to try making these. I don't know what I was so afraid of, they are the easiest thing in the world. And so much fun to make! You just melt the chocolate in the microwave, pour it in the molds. Put them in the fridge for 20-30 minutes, and they pop right out. If they don't pop out, you just stick them back in for a few. (I found though, that a 'little' pushing on the back of the mold with your finger helps them out.) They turned out great, too. I took them to a dinner we went to last night and everyone thought they were so amazing. I said 'It was so easy you wouldn't even believe it'. And, the chocolate is Dove quality! I was impressed. I think this is a new hobby I will be sticking with. Next I want to try cream cheese mints or butter mints. I have another mold without the popsicle stick. But first I want to try some Brunkagefigurer! I saw them on Nefermiws' blog at Crochetville. (Scroll down to the December 9th post.) I think they are similar to gingerbread cookies. I don't know. I've never made gingerbread cookies, either. So I won't be able to compare them. But, I still want to make them. And, scroll down to the November 28th post, and check out her Aebleskiver!! Ughh... Those look so good!
Last night my secret pal (secret to her, pal, but she figured me out already!) sent me an ecard. Thank you, Lene! And, this morning I got one from my secret (to me) pal. Thank you, Secret Pal! I think Lene should be getting something in the mail very, very soon here... :) It has been almost a week since I sent it. I am working on getting other things together to send her, too.
This past weekend was crazy down town; there was a Mini- Mardi Gras (a 'Carnivale'). And, we had people come up from Louisiana, too! If that is what Mardi Gras is like, keep it in New Orleans! People were dancing in the middle of the streets, and they didn't block off traffic (otherwise no one would be able to leave their house), sooo... You just had to wait until they got out of your way. People drunk and loud. At least no one took their clothes off. Well, that I saw. And, my husband had to go out later, he said the police had a blockade ? set up, and there were four or five tow trucks lined up. If a person was drunk, or had been drinking, their car was towed, and they didn't drive. So, that was one good thing. I hope it isn't as bad all this week. I do have to live here. And, I might want to go down today, it's going to be 65 degrees here! We could go to the park (maybe.)


Lucy said...

Hi Tina...found your blog through another. Those chocolates look soooo good...what did we do before microwaves? I also love the soap saver. Nice work! Come on over and visit my blog sometime....I'm trying to build up a following! Tootles.

Mimi said...

Wow, the roses and hearts look too good to eat! (Watch out for the calories, Tina...hehe, just joking)

Tina said...

Hi Lucy and Mimi! Thanks for stopping by.
Mimi, I have only gotten to eat one and a half of these. And one was from last night, even. I made another 'batch', out of white chocolate chips. They turned out great, too. So, if I want to eat any, I'm going to have to start doing what I do with store bought candy (hiding it.) :))