Monday, February 06, 2006

Some More FO's and stuff...

Here is a Spiral Flower I crocheted, from some of the yarns Lisa sent me. I like it. I might put a pin on the back (someday, ha ha.) It is from the 2006 Crochet-A-Day Calendar, sometime in September. (There are actually two spiral flowers in this calendar, so I had to differentiate-oooh! Big word, where'd that come from? Hee hee.) And, here is a Tri-Color Cloche. I have actually finished two of these now, both these colors. I am sending them to the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. I still have yarn left to probably make two more. I might keep one for myself. :) Then I might make some in different colors, too. I have to make something(s) to send for the Elders Quarterly, and the Childrens' Quarterly (I am also making some slippers for the childrens' quarterly, in red and 'berry'; out of RH.) These are the same slippers I have already posted; in two different colors. I am just making a childrens' size now. I'd also like to make some hats for the Childrens' Quarterly. And, I want to make a 'matching' scarf to go with the Tri-Color Cloche. So ambitious; but no energy.... (sigh). I also bought two different kinds of red fabric to make String Quilt squares to send to the Crafting for a Cause Group. I don't know if I will ever get to everything I want to do. Oh well I am finishing a few things at a time. I guess that's good. And I got some cleaning done today too. So maybe I can go crochet now for a little while. I think I need some more coffee now, too. ;p

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