Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Think it's Official...

I think I can safely say my three year old is potty trained now. Finally... But, he is having issues with the 'other' stuff. Uh, number two... I think he is poopaphobic or something. I just made that word up do you like it? He completely freaks! out when he has to go. He won't go in the potty chair, I know he has to go (after having two other boys, a mom just knows these things...) Walks around whining, 'My butt hurts' 'Do you have to go poo poo' 'NO!' 'Okay' UGH I swear he is going to drive me crazy! Then he ends up going in his underwear. Well when I try to take his underwear off to put clean clothes on and clean him up, another episode of freaking out begins.... Ugh.... 'It will hurt!...It hurts!... You hurting me!' 'I don't see a rash, how does it hurt?' Calgon, take me away.... Okay I don't have any Calgon, I'll settle for peace and quiet and my crocheting but do I ever get it? NOOOO... Not unless I have insomnia in the middle of the night.
I need to take a picture of the awesome train track and train we bought him after he went poo poo in the potty chair (that was the first and last time, too, by the way...) I'll have to wait until they set it up again and take a picture. Hubby said he was thinking about building a little table to put it up on so it can stay there. You know how that goes though... (You know the saying, 'A mechanics' car is never fixed', 'A carpenters' house is never finished..' 'A carpenters' sons' train table is never done....')
Well anyway, tomorrow is the official start of the SC Secret Pals swap!!! Woo Hoo! I have already gottten an ecard from my secret pal. Thank you secret pal!!! I was going to wait to send mine one, but now I will go try to find a cute one and send it today after all. I am going to send her a package today, too, I have had a little package together for a while to send her. Now that I know what she likes (she likes chocolate, like me :))) so it will be easy to shop for her!) 'One for you, one for me...' Oh, just kidding...
Well I guess no pictures for today. It is going to be almost 60 here today, I told the boys we could walk down to the park and arcade. (And I can mail some packages from the post office.)

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