Wednesday, February 01, 2006

We Just Got a Letter!! We Just Got a Letter!

Okay, okay I didn't get a letter at all. (Too many kids shows in my head, though, eh?) ;) But look at what I did get!!! Yarn!! And I never even ordered any! I know who this is from. Actually it's from two people. The person who sent it is the one who wanted to give it away, and the person who had it sent to me is the one who paid for shipping. She said it wasn't an RAOK, but it sure feels like one!! Thank you, Lisa, and Mimi!!! :))) I love it. I just don't know what I'll make with it all. Probably scrap ghan squares or slippers. Now I'm going to hunt down some cool patterns to use this for. Thank you again!!


ladylinoleum said...

Nice surprise! You lucked out. Very cool to have crochet buds, eh?

Tina said...

Yes! I never had any before Crochetville. ;p My 13 year old son said today when I got this package 'I never get anything... Who sent you it?' I said 'Someone from Crochetville' His eyes just went up into his head :p Hee hee