Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Got an RAOK yesterday!

Hmmm... yes, I think it was yesterday. Mary Jo sent me these two pattern books from Tampa Bay Florida! She had asked me what kinds of things I like to crochet so I told her slippers (and I forget if I told her anything else.) But, I am in the slipper CAL at Crochetville so these will be perfect. And, there is knitting patterns in it, too. And she sent me a booklet for legwarmers. I have never made legwarmers. I used to have a pair when I was young. Ha ha... I never thought I would actually make a pair! Thanks so much Mary Jo!
Well remember my last post about the candy canes... I finished this one today. I crocheted it last night; and sewed it up about five minutes ago. I think it is very close to the one in that link. Close enough for me anyway! I think it's so cute. I don't know what I'll do with it now, but... :p Maybe I'll put it with the snowman I am crocheting.

And here it is to my coffee cup; to show you how big it is. (Or little...)


Mimi said...

Yes, this is cute enough, Tina!
But I also wanted one of those ornaments for sale, those are the cutest ;)

Tina said...

They are, aren't they? I want them, too. It's for sale somewhere here in Colorado but it's probably through mail order. (Which would be better for me, anyway...)