Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nuttin' Honey...

Not much to post about today. The kids have a four day weekend. I didn't actually get to sleep in much today, though. My husband came in the bedroom and WOKE ME UP! He said 'here's your coffee'. I said, 'There's no school today. They have a four day weekend.' I should have told him that last night, eh? Then, the stupid garage door would not shut. It is SOOOOOO annoying. He tried closing it at least six times. I did get back to sleep for a little while, but woke up at 7:30. (Does anyone really care?) :P We (I should say *I*...) had conferences last night with both/all of their teachers. The oldest has seven. :o Thankfully I didn't have to meet with all seven. (For example, the gym teacher, and the study hall teacher... and one of his teachers wasn't going to be there.) And, by the time I got to #4, the sign up sheet was backed up for another hour (and was probably running late, too.) So I said, 'let's go'... It was his Spanish teacher. Not a high/top priority, is it? Our fifth graders' teacher said she wishes she could have fifty of him, and she would be doing all right. The high schoolers' teachers comments ranged from 'Can you clone him?' to 'Can I keep him?' :D Yes, I am beaming... Then we went out for a while just to go somewhere. To Borders and WalMart. Can you believe they didn't want to buy hardly anything?! Funny, when you actually have money, they can't decide and end up going away with hardly anything... (The ten year old did get a Star Wars Lego kit, and some mechanical pencils.) Hmmm I guess I do the same thing. I can't decide on the one thing I want the most, and usually walk away not getting anything. :P Saves us money that way, though.... lol

Anyway. I am still working on yo-yos, and yo-yo keychain critters. I posted the pattern at Crochetville, under 'Original Patterns'. I also posted it at my pattern blog, too. There isn't a picture of the mouse one. I did make one, finally; but haven't taken a picture. I'll probably take another picture before I send them all out, and re-post that one... (instead of the picture I have up's kinda blurry, anyway.) Well that's about all my boring news for today. Hope you all have a nice weekend coming up. Take Care and thanks for stoppin' by. ;)

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Mimi said...

Schools here are on break for one whole week, actually longer, since it starts today and they're coming back on Nov. 5.
How wonderful to know that your kids are doing good in school, Tina, you should be so proud :)