Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Peppermint Bark

And, an updated photo of the keychain critters. With the mouse (bottom right, if you couldn't tell.) ;) I have been sending these out as RAOKs lately. Well three, to be exact.... And technically, one isn't sent yet. But it's ready to go.
And here is the peppermint bark I made last night. It's super easy. Just like making the chocolate hearts and roses I have made in the past. Just crush the candy first. I bought candy canes for 88c. And the almond bark was $1.78, I think. I saw a tin of peppermint bark for $6.99 at WalMart, so the price is way better. (I haven't tried the other bark, so I can't tell you taste-wise, which is better.)
Here it is, all broke up into 'bark'. I am hiding it and divying it out a little bit at a time, or it will all be gone in one day.
I also made some in litle molds. I have no idea where I got these molds, or what it was from. I want to say from an Oreo cookie container, but some of the molds are a little bit smaller than the others. So I don't know. They look like eggs to me, except with a red middle. :P Oh, I forgot to post the link to the website where I got the recipe!: Peppermint Bark I get a lot of recipes there. Or the cooks dot com one...
Here is a close-up of one, not that it makes that much of a difference. I hate how my pictures look all blurry. I have tried everything. I think my camera is just a piece of junk. What do I expect for only $100 eh? Oh well....... Have a Nice Day everyone!


Mimi said...

That looks really yummy! is the almond bark like marzipan...I love marzipan!

Tina said...

Hmmm... I don't know what marzipan is! LOL Almond bark is basically like white chocolate, if you ask me. Do you like white chocolate?

Mimi said...

Marzipan is basically almond paste...maybe the almond bark is white chocolate with almond flavoring?
I do like white chocolates and on the other hand I also like the dark chocolates, but not the bitter ones. My younger son and I, have a favorite chocolate named Black, by Meiji (a japanese company). I buy it almost everyday and its like an addiction :p