Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Am Making a Comfortghan

All by myself. Well, I am putting it together. I am having a friend help me make squares. She made the purple granny ones, and the striped granny ones. Now I only have three more to go.
I started this one, it is the Ribbons and Roses square. I've made this one before. I want to lighten it up a little, so it's not so dark. I was also thinking about making the Irish Rose square. Do you think that's too many flowers? I wanted to do Maggie's Square, in some lighter shades. But my friend already made the two stripedy ones.... I don't know!! Waaaaa! And then I have to put it together. I am going to screw it up, I just know it..... :( Well I will finish my squares first, and then worry about the rest. I do need to get some more of the light lavender for the one I am working on... and light sage... sigh. I might just start the Irish Rose one for now until I can get some more yarn.
I'm waiting for a package today, so I don't want to leave until the mail comes.... :P

And, here is something else I have been working on. I had an epiphany on Sunday to make some little critter faces out of the yo-yos, what do you think? From the left: A cat, a pig, and a teddy bear. I also was thinking I could do a mouse, and maybe a rabbit. If I can figure out it's ears... I need to get some more eyes, too. My list keeps growing... Well have a nice Tuesday everyone.


Mimi said...

I love it when I see facial expressions from wiggly eyes, those are cute!
The comfortghan colors look lovely!

Lisa said...

So cute! I love the little faces.

Your ghan is going to be so pretty. My favorite from the Heartmade blessings is this one..http://www.heartmadeblessings.org/patterns/canadianspring.asp

I'm hoping to have an afghan of my own one day with that pattern!!

Great job!!

Tina said...

Yup, I used that one in four of my squares. I like it, too. I finished another square yesterday. Getting closer...
Thanks Mimi and Lisa for your encouragement. I'm still just a little worried about putting it all together.... One step at a time, I guess.

I posted the pattern for the little yo-yo critters at Crochetville, under Original Patterns. If you would like to make one or two or three.... I am also going to try to get it up on my other site in a couple days.