Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Okay, well these pictures have a mind of their own I guess I will just work around them. First off, I meant to post Maggies' Square but I guess I will save the best for last. ;) Here are the slippers I finished and posted about a while ago. I like the green and camo ones better, but these will keep someones' feet warm I hope. See my munchkins' belly hanging over the chair. :) Then, I totally forgot about these granny squares!! I crocheted these about forever ago. I don't even remember how long ago I made these. I think it's been eleven years. Man.... Well anyway I've been wanting to make squares for the February challenge for Pine Ridge. Guess what I am done already. Ha ha ha that was easy. I was looking for more yarn to start another square, and found these squares. I think there was 19 or 20 granny squares in that bag. I don't even know why I brought these squares with me, they mean nothing to me. Well now they will go to good use.
And a strip I sewed together I am going to send. Can you tell we had pizza for dinner last night?
And last but definitely not least (remember I meant to have this picture be first...) Here is the square I made with Crochet Dude's pattern. The color is totally off in this picture. The yellow is more of a buttercup yellow. The green is not so dark. I totally ran out of the green, so I improvised and crocheted two rows of sc. It worked out good though because it was working out to be 12.5" wide with the last row of dcs. It needs to be blocked, of course. I just slapped it on the chair and took a picture, before my camera tried to play any more tricks with me. Sloppy blogger that I am. It really isn't that wonky. I hate that word I don't know why I've been using it lately. Well have a nice Wednesday everyone....

A Crochet Dude Motif

I started a 12" square last night. See how I never get anything done when I start new things all the time. I might as well just accept it and move on, eh? Anyway, it is one of Crochet Dudes' squares. I like it. This is Maggie's Square. I am doing it in a buttercup yellow and dark sage green. Yellow in the middle then the green. I was also thinking about the Cat Tracks Square, too. Also a Crochet Dude squre. I still might do that one. I don't know what exactly it is about it, but I like that one. Maybe it's the name. ;p I am crocheting squares for the February Challenge at Crafting for a Cause. I don't really know how many I'll do, but it will be a way to use up some scraps (which is all I have, any more). And, since I feel like it's a huge task to make a whole afghan, this will be a way to help by contributing as many squares as I can, and it will still be keeping the people on Pine Ridge Reservation warm, too.

Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm Disgusted With Myself

I think the reason I havent been working on my lamb sweater is because I am so disgusted with how it's turning out. (See picture a few posts back.) You can see the blue yarn I am carrying behind the work, it's got holes in the sides where the two yarns meet, then when I tried to twist it tighter it got all wonky. 'Wonky' is too polite of a word to describe it. I want to take my scissors to it. That's how mad it makes me. But, it's really me, not the yarn. GRRRR. So that's probably why I haven't been working on it. Wendy Knits I am not, and will never be. I will never be able to knit a sweater like 'Rose'; ever. IF I ever finish this sweater, I will have to stick to one color knitting for the rest of my life. Stripes maybe, but no more pictures in my knitting.
I did finish the other Tychus hat I was working on for the nine year old. He put it on, smiled, then took it off. Sheesh.
I think I'm going to take a break from any fiber- related hobbies for a while. They're all making me mad lately.
Have a Nice Day everyone ;)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Some pictures finally...

Well here are some old pictures but I still haven't posted them here. This is a cupcake Cradle Purse I crocheted for my neice. It is an Annie's Attic Scrap Crochet Club pattern, I just added the cradle part myself from someone else's pattern. I bought her a little 99 cent doll to put in there. I still have to crochet a little afghan for it. (My sons' bear is in the picture. I made another cradle purse that his bear is still in.) Who says boys don't like cradle purses? I have finished another pair of slippers for Pine Ridge. These aren't them, these are the first ones I did. The ones I just finished are brown, and 'Berries'. But my batteries in my camera decided to die yesterday. Taking about one hundred pictures of the kids didn't help any, but... ;p I did one row on the 'Rainbow of Tiers' lapghan last night. I don't know, it's just not in me to crochet lately. Or knit. Well maybe I'll get some more batteries over the weekend and can post a picture of the slippers.

These slippers are going to my elder at Pine Ridge. I don't know what size shoe she wears, but maybe she has someone in her home who can wear them. I guess it's the thought that counts, eh? I think I'm going to make my stepdad a pair just like these. Since I don't know what to buy him, he can't eat anything candy or sugar so... I think he'd like a pair of slippers, though.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Where Have You Been?

Wow I guess it's been a while since my last post. I have been really sick. Today has been the first day I've even felt like getting out of bed or off the couch. I am still coughing a lot. Trying not to, but it's not working. The three year old finally got it too. I was hoping he wouldn't... but he did. I was really worried; because, I thought, if he gets as sick as I did, I will probably have to take him to the doctors. But, he is walking around playing today. And doesn't want Tylenol or anything. I'm so glad. He must have just fought it right off. It knocked me out. For five days. The thirteen year old has it, too. He's still in bed so he must have gotten it like me. I think I lost a couple pounds, but I don't know, since I don't have a scale. :)

Anyway~~ I got some crocheting done. I finished one slipper for the Pine Ridge Elders. Now I have to do the second slipper. This is the second pair I've done. I want to do some in childrens' sizes, too.

Well I should try to catch up on some stuff around the house.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mmmm.... Cookies! And, No Baking!

Yesterday I made some No-Bake Cookies. (No, I have no life, blogging about cookies...) But, if you have to have cookies NOW, and don't feel like baking all day, like peanut butter and chocolate... then these are the cookies for you. The three year old helped me (put the oatmeal in a bowl, and put stuff away.... 'Are you my big helper today?') ;)

I've also been working on more stuff I'm not supposed to be working on.... slippers. I'm using this pattern here. These are for the Pine Ridge Reservation. I haven't decided if they will be for the Elders Quarterly, or the Childrens' Quarterly. Now, if you try these slippers, please tell me if you have a problem following the pattern, or is it just me???

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some Things I've Finished

Well I haven't been working on anything I'm supposed to be finishing (like the sweater I am knitting). But I have finished some other things. I crocheted these two preemie hats (and finished them-yay!) with barely enough yarn to finish them. I think I have enough yarn for one more.
Then, I knitted these two catnip mice yesterday. They were fun to make. My dad had to put his cat to sleep. This is the second cat they've had to put to sleep. But, they brought home a stray that was wandering around my uncles' house. So, I knitted him two catnip mice. You can find the pattern here. If you click on the link that says 'MouseAlong Gallery', you can see all kinds of cats (and a few dogs, too!) with their catnip mice. (If you have nothing better to do today.) ;)

Friday, January 13, 2006

I have joined a lot of charity projects lately. I joined the CareWear Organization a long time ago, I still have not sent anything in to them, but I did donate some preemie hats, sweaters, and a blanket to the U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Then, a couple days ago, I joined a Yahoo Group called 'Preemie Protectors'; via Crochetville. And, I joined Crafting For a Cause, also a Yahoo Group. I joined this one about six months ago or more, but told them I would be moving (it had to be less than six months, since I knew I would be moving... Anyway...) I rejoined yesterday. One of the 'causes' is for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, in South Dakota. They are so poor it is comparable to Haiti, someone said at Crochetville. I already have a bunch of stuff to ship out, I just need boxes, and money to ship them. I may have to ship in smaller boxes. It is quarterly, so I won't be 'commited' to shipping them all out in a short period of time, it's just they need these warm clothes. Some of these homes they live in have no heat or electricity. You can read about it at the thread at Crochetville. A lot of people say stuff like 'They have all those casinos, they have money'... 'Why don't they just go get a job, they're lazy...' There's a whole discussion about it in this thread at Crochetville. Well I should go get busy and make something while I have a little free time instead of spending it on the computer. ;p

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lamb Sweater

After finishing Tychus, I immediately pulled out the lamb sweater I've been working on. My goal is to finish it, real soon. Before he is too big to wear it. I am not completely happy with the way the lamb is turning out. I noticed in the magazine (FC Easy Knitting, Fall 2000 by the way) that the white 'boucle' they used is a lot fuzzier than mine. But, I can't afford anything else right now, so I am trying to make this work. (I still had the receipt in the bag with all the yarn, and when I looked at how much this sweater cost! Holy cow. I must have been working at the time when I bought this yarn. The me, now, would not spend that much, not even on myself, for a sweater! ($46.22!!!) Sheesh... And, here's the back:

I also cast on for another Tychus, same exact colors (they all look good in this green), for the eight year old. Well I'm off to get ready for another day of school....

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tychus is finished!

Here's the hubby with it on.

She is done. It fits my head okay, but if I roll it up it doesn't cover my ears. So I think it will work better on an eight year olds' head than a 35 year olds' big honkin' head, but he says he wants it. So I guess I'll make another one exactly like it for the eight year old.. The three year old says he wants a red one. ;p (It will match his coat, too.) ;) I have some red left from my Fendi bag, but I don't know if it will be enough. I think I will wait to start his; I hate running out when a project isn't finished....

Monday, January 09, 2006


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Well today is going to be a lazy day for homeschooling, I can tell. The eight year old is sick; since yesterday. What we have all had. We were in the grocery store and he says, 'I don't feel good' 'Okay we're going home after this just hold on, all right' 'My throat hurts' 'It does?' (Ugh... he's getting it, too...) 'My stomach hurts'... So, it will be an easy day of homeschooling for me, since he's the one I have to help all the time. He is the easiest child when he's sick, too. He just lays there and doesn't say anything. I have to ask him, 'Do you want some Tylenol? Do you want some ice water?' (The oldest acts like no one has ever had what he has, it's the most awful thing in the world, he goes on and on about every little symptom, he's just dying....)

Here is a recent picture of our dumbledork dog. We love her, but sometimes she's such a dork. The thirteen year old put this bandana on her (she looks like a little Polish puppy with a babushka on- hee hee) and she started making her 'I love you' noise, we call it. I think she liked it.

Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo!
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The Tychus Hat is lookin' good! I actually had to frog the one I was working on. My gauge was 1/2" too big. I was using the size needles and following directions, but... I like it better with one strand of yarn anyway. Two was too stiff. So... I don't think this is going to fit my hubby's big head. I think this one will be the eight year olds' hat. Then I will have to figure out how many extra stitches to cast on then work it the same. It shouldn't be too hard. I really like this hat. Some patterns you hate and some you love. This is one I love. And I'm not too bored with it. So far... ;p

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Here it is-- Tychus!!

This is half a wedge completed on Tychus, from Knitty! I am in LOVE with this hat!! Whoever created this is a genius. I'll never be able to come up with patterns like this. I am making this one for my hubby. I just used what I had (sigh...) I guess one skein of yarn will break the bank right now. Oh well. He doesn't care what colors I make. Get this, he wants it by Monday. Ha ha ha ha ha

I'm Sooo Boooorrrred!!!!

I don't think I will be for long, though. I finished my Fendi Knockoff bag. (See picture below...) All I need are handles and a hang tag. I am already bored with it, and don't feel like translating it into knitting. I could if I wanted, but... At least I finished the crochet version (especially since I am hosting a CAL for this bag!) I was trying to think of something new and fun and cool that I could do. Then after reading EweDevil 's blog, and seeing the hat Rebecca knit for her son, I knew I had to make one!! If only I had my stash with me.... I guess I will have to go out and buy some new yarn for this. Maybe my hubby will give me some extra money (since I'm making the first one for him...) ;p A skein of Red Heart isn't going to break the bank. (If I only buy one, that is....) That's the hard part....If I already had it in my stash, I could just avoid the whole going in the store thing and being tempted.... :(

Fendi Knockoff Bag--completed!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hamburger with Curly Fries

Curly Fries to go with the hamburger!

I hate blogger by the way. So I will have to post a picture for this separately. But I wanted to share the pattern with you. I made up a pattern for curly fries after someone at Crochetville saw my post and said 'How about some onion rings? I have a cravin' Hee hee So I thought what about curly fries? That would be easy, just like those old bookworms when I was little. So.. tada! You can find the pattern over at my pattern blog. Have Fun! ;p

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fendi Knockoff Bag CAL!!

Well I am jumping in! I've decided to host a Fendi Knockoff Bag Crochet-A-Long (CAL) at Crochetville; for the Fendi Knockoff Bag I've been talking about. I've never done a CAL before, so it will be a learning process for me. It shouldn't be too hard. After I finish the crocheted version I'd like to see if I can translate it into knitting since the original is knitted and looks better IMO.


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Hungry? Well here is a hamburger I finished. But it's crocheted, you can't eat it. After buying our three year old a tub of McDonalds' Happy Meal food, and a play microwave at Goodwil ($1.99!) I decided to crochet him some more food. It's so much fun! I want to make some french fries now.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Purses and Hamburgers... Huh?

There is a search over at the 'Ville for the Fendi Knockoff Bag. Did you see the price on that thing??!! Well someone of course made a reproduction bag, they are talking about it at the 'Ville. I am going to try it. Then see if I can't make a knitted version to look more like the original bag. Someday.... If I ever get my other WIPs done... I am almost done with my Donna's Cable Purse. I cut out the lining and sewed the sides together last night then pinned it in the purse. Now I am almost half way done with sewing that in. I just am waiting for my bangles to come in the mail. I ordered them almost a week ago. So I am doing good. I said 'Maybe I'll have the lining done by the time the bangles are here', and it looks like it will be! The other purse I am working on is kind of being put on the back burner; a project for the car, when I get odd moments to crochet. My big crochet item of the day is Hamburgers!! I know, I know, where did that come from? Well... I bought the three year old a McDonalds food bucket today at WalMart. Then, I started thinking about the food I saw at Crochetville that people had made, and started searching for a pattern... So far, I have two hamburger patties, one tomato slice, and a slice of cheese done. The cheese I think I am going to throw away. (It has mold on it. Oh... ha ha...) (Insert eyes rolling into back of head smiley right there.) Anyway I think I need yellow for the cheese. It doesn't look right. Then I will have to buy some more yarn since all my yarn is in storage back in Michigan. I have hardly anything here. Guess I will have to start building up my stash again! ;p
My husbands' Great Aunt fell (she's 93 years old). She is in the hospital (again); she fractured some vertabrae in her spine, and a couple of ribs. Soooo... my mother-in-law is going to go back to Michigan and stay with her for a while. (Her mother is there, too. They are the last two remaining sisters of their family left, and they live together in an assisted living home).
Hopefully I'll have some hamburgers done soon! I want to make one for my neice, too. She's two and a half, and has the whole stove/sink/refrigerator set up, I know she would love these! I am also going to make some eggs, bacon, toast, and some cupcakes and who knows what else? It's too much fun!!