Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm Disgusted With Myself

I think the reason I havent been working on my lamb sweater is because I am so disgusted with how it's turning out. (See picture a few posts back.) You can see the blue yarn I am carrying behind the work, it's got holes in the sides where the two yarns meet, then when I tried to twist it tighter it got all wonky. 'Wonky' is too polite of a word to describe it. I want to take my scissors to it. That's how mad it makes me. But, it's really me, not the yarn. GRRRR. So that's probably why I haven't been working on it. Wendy Knits I am not, and will never be. I will never be able to knit a sweater like 'Rose'; ever. IF I ever finish this sweater, I will have to stick to one color knitting for the rest of my life. Stripes maybe, but no more pictures in my knitting.
I did finish the other Tychus hat I was working on for the nine year old. He put it on, smiled, then took it off. Sheesh.
I think I'm going to take a break from any fiber- related hobbies for a while. They're all making me mad lately.
Have a Nice Day everyone ;)

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