Monday, January 02, 2006

Purses and Hamburgers... Huh?

There is a search over at the 'Ville for the Fendi Knockoff Bag. Did you see the price on that thing??!! Well someone of course made a reproduction bag, they are talking about it at the 'Ville. I am going to try it. Then see if I can't make a knitted version to look more like the original bag. Someday.... If I ever get my other WIPs done... I am almost done with my Donna's Cable Purse. I cut out the lining and sewed the sides together last night then pinned it in the purse. Now I am almost half way done with sewing that in. I just am waiting for my bangles to come in the mail. I ordered them almost a week ago. So I am doing good. I said 'Maybe I'll have the lining done by the time the bangles are here', and it looks like it will be! The other purse I am working on is kind of being put on the back burner; a project for the car, when I get odd moments to crochet. My big crochet item of the day is Hamburgers!! I know, I know, where did that come from? Well... I bought the three year old a McDonalds food bucket today at WalMart. Then, I started thinking about the food I saw at Crochetville that people had made, and started searching for a pattern... So far, I have two hamburger patties, one tomato slice, and a slice of cheese done. The cheese I think I am going to throw away. (It has mold on it. Oh... ha ha...) (Insert eyes rolling into back of head smiley right there.) Anyway I think I need yellow for the cheese. It doesn't look right. Then I will have to buy some more yarn since all my yarn is in storage back in Michigan. I have hardly anything here. Guess I will have to start building up my stash again! ;p
My husbands' Great Aunt fell (she's 93 years old). She is in the hospital (again); she fractured some vertabrae in her spine, and a couple of ribs. Soooo... my mother-in-law is going to go back to Michigan and stay with her for a while. (Her mother is there, too. They are the last two remaining sisters of their family left, and they live together in an assisted living home).
Hopefully I'll have some hamburgers done soon! I want to make one for my neice, too. She's two and a half, and has the whole stove/sink/refrigerator set up, I know she would love these! I am also going to make some eggs, bacon, toast, and some cupcakes and who knows what else? It's too much fun!!


Mimi said...

It does sound like so much fun to be crocheting "food" (and it wont spoil too!) And you will really find satisfaction when you see a kid's eye brighten up when they see you've made them things to play with :)
You're right the Fendi bag is knitted and you could come up with something like that;) You just need more time...

Tina said...

Mimi! I just emailed you. I have already started the Fendi bag in a knitted version. I might have to make the crocheted version, too, to make sure my dimensions are right. Are you working on anything right now? You should make one, too. I think someone might start a CAL for it. It will be fun.
P.S. I now have three hamburger patties done. ;p I just need to go get some yarn for the buns, cheese, and lettuce. hee hee