Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lamb Sweater

After finishing Tychus, I immediately pulled out the lamb sweater I've been working on. My goal is to finish it, real soon. Before he is too big to wear it. I am not completely happy with the way the lamb is turning out. I noticed in the magazine (FC Easy Knitting, Fall 2000 by the way) that the white 'boucle' they used is a lot fuzzier than mine. But, I can't afford anything else right now, so I am trying to make this work. (I still had the receipt in the bag with all the yarn, and when I looked at how much this sweater cost! Holy cow. I must have been working at the time when I bought this yarn. The me, now, would not spend that much, not even on myself, for a sweater! ($46.22!!!) Sheesh... And, here's the back:

I also cast on for another Tychus, same exact colors (they all look good in this green), for the eight year old. Well I'm off to get ready for another day of school....


Karla said...

Wow! I love this sweater! You're doing a great job!

BTW, you asked on my blog about the button for Amazon. I just used their logo on their website. Right-click on it, save it to your computer, upload it to your photohost and post it with the URL to their website in your template just as you do the other buttons on your page.

Hope this helps!

Tina said...

Thanks, Karla. I already did it!! :) Yay, me! I figured something out... It just takes a bunch of free time and messing around on the computer. ;)

Thanks for visiting!

Vicky aka stichr said...

That sheep is really fun!

Seriously, I do like that sheep!