Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mmmm.... Cookies! And, No Baking!

Yesterday I made some No-Bake Cookies. (No, I have no life, blogging about cookies...) But, if you have to have cookies NOW, and don't feel like baking all day, like peanut butter and chocolate... then these are the cookies for you. The three year old helped me (put the oatmeal in a bowl, and put stuff away.... 'Are you my big helper today?') ;)

I've also been working on more stuff I'm not supposed to be working on.... slippers. I'm using this pattern here. These are for the Pine Ridge Reservation. I haven't decided if they will be for the Elders Quarterly, or the Childrens' Quarterly. Now, if you try these slippers, please tell me if you have a problem following the pattern, or is it just me???


ladylinoleum said...

Hi Tina, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Very cool!

Um, those cookies look like they're to die for...

Tina said...

Uh, yes, they are good, if you are big into chocolate like me :))
Thanks for stopping by here, too! ;) I love your creative mind, and all the fun stuff you create.

Mimi said... make your visitors hungry posting that :)
The preemie hats are so cute, maybe I should try making some to give to charity too. so good of you to make those!