Saturday, January 07, 2006

Here it is-- Tychus!!

This is half a wedge completed on Tychus, from Knitty! I am in LOVE with this hat!! Whoever created this is a genius. I'll never be able to come up with patterns like this. I am making this one for my hubby. I just used what I had (sigh...) I guess one skein of yarn will break the bank right now. Oh well. He doesn't care what colors I make. Get this, he wants it by Monday. Ha ha ha ha ha


Rebecca said...

i know! genius!! i love it!! so fun and easy - who knew! did you see the red/blk one i made for my son? he wears it all the time. yay! i happen to like the olive/wht you chose - i like greens :) lucky hubby

Tina said...

Thanks, Rebecca- Your hat is what 'inspired' me to make mine! I loved your hat. I think this one is going to have to go to the eight year old, though if it isn't long enough.