Monday, January 09, 2006


Posted by: tpryst on Buzznet
Well today is going to be a lazy day for homeschooling, I can tell. The eight year old is sick; since yesterday. What we have all had. We were in the grocery store and he says, 'I don't feel good' 'Okay we're going home after this just hold on, all right' 'My throat hurts' 'It does?' (Ugh... he's getting it, too...) 'My stomach hurts'... So, it will be an easy day of homeschooling for me, since he's the one I have to help all the time. He is the easiest child when he's sick, too. He just lays there and doesn't say anything. I have to ask him, 'Do you want some Tylenol? Do you want some ice water?' (The oldest acts like no one has ever had what he has, it's the most awful thing in the world, he goes on and on about every little symptom, he's just dying....)

Here is a recent picture of our dumbledork dog. We love her, but sometimes she's such a dork. The thirteen year old put this bandana on her (she looks like a little Polish puppy with a babushka on- hee hee) and she started making her 'I love you' noise, we call it. I think she liked it.


Jewels said...

That sweet little doggy earned extra cookies from the photo shoot abuse, right????? LOL What a sweet little face.

Tina said...

This sweet little doggy is so spoiled it's not even funny! She gets popcorn, chips, dinner leftovers, lunch leftovers... (Besides the Pupperoni and Milk Bone treats she gets.) I don't know how she keeps her figure for the photo shoots! LOL
Thanks for visiting, Jewels! ;)