Sunday, August 14, 2016

A New Project, and Trip Pics

I started a blanket for my cousin, who is having a baby in November. Obviously it's a girl. :P  And she likes pink, so pink it is.. I couldn't find any information about what colors they were doing the nursery/baby's room. So..   She is my youngest Aunts' daughter. She is the same age as our oldest son. (24.)  Incidentally (or coincidentally?), this Aunt is the one who helped me learn to crochet. I kind of already knew the basics. But she helped me with any questions, and she taught me the ripple stitch.   I am sure she is crocheting tons of things for her first grandbaby.  :)   I thought I only made the one of these, for my nephew Gavin. But I forgot I made one for my old neighbor, too.

We went to the Pacific Coast again last weekend.  We "forced" Eli to come this time. He had never been to the ocean. He said he wanted to come.  There is a huge arcade there.

Eli getting blown away by the wind. 

Eon with Tillamook Head in the background. 

They both had their shoes off. I said they were a couple of beach bums. :P  

Eon wrote his name in the sand...  :P   Eli was writing (with his feet) "HELP" in huge letters, lol..  He cracks me up.   It was too big to try and get a picture of. Then I looked over at my husband and he's writing "Steve was here... O.M.G...    

This wasn't at Seaside, but at the Maritime Museum in Astoria.  It costs $14 per adult to get in so I said "Never mind". Plus I was half windblown to death, and didn't feel like walking any more.   It's hard work walking on a huge sandy beach with the wind blowing you away.   This was down by the docks...

I think you can guess the name of the river, by the name on the boat.  

I loved this boat. 


paula said...

WOW . . . Eon has caught up in height with Eli. You sure have been feeding him well :)

Tina said...

I know!! And hes only 13. I think he's going to be our tallest kid yet! I have an uncle 6'4", and one of my husbands' brothers is 6'4". My husband is 6'. (One of my husbands' sisters is real tall, too; but I don't know how tall exactly..)