Friday, August 12, 2016

Another Update on Duke, and FO's..

I got a call from the Vet's this morning with Dukes' pre-bloodwork lab results. The results were fine, everything looked normal and how it was supposed to look. WHEW!! I also got to ask the vet more questions. He does have cancer. BUT, it is very low grade and only in the tumor. Once they get that off of him (and they are going to get margins around the tumor area too); he should be fine.   I am SOOO relieved!!! I said "So if he was a human it would be like Stage One Cancer?"  "Yes"..      I am so so relieved. He is my baby!!!

He had to get in the picture here, too. :P   He cracks me up...   I finished the fourth strip on my scrap strips blanket. I have since taking this picture started sewing them together, too.  I think one more strip and it should be big enough. It doesn't look very big but the strips are 60 inches long.

I also finished a pair of childs' slippers. In Christmas colors.  I should have taken a side view picture. The trim is the variegated color just like the pom-poms.  

I also finished a hat, for Operation General Beadle. 

To go with these mittens which I finished this past weekend. I'm not sure because I don't have the yarn wrappers, but I think this is a wool blend yarn. So it should be warmer for their hands/mittens.  I do have more yarn I could do a scarf to go with these, but I haven't decided..  They need mittens and hats more than scarves.

And I have a soft navy blue hat and scarf done, too. I was thinking about doing a pair of mittens... But, acrylic yarn is not very warm for mittens.

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paula said...

Before I read any further. . . I am SO THRILLED to hear that the cancer is contained in the tumor. I can try and imagine how relieved you feel. I know when my dogs have been sick I have worried horribly waiting for the vet to call with results.