Friday, August 05, 2016

Scrap Strips Blanket Update

I know I haven't posted about my Scrap Strips Blanket in a while...  I have almost four strips done now. That fourth one is almost done. Yay.   When I am working on it (sometimes), I think; "This is so ugly..."  But now that it is all laid out it doesn't look so ugly.  I kind of like it.  A lot.  :)  And hopefully the child who receives it will, too.   I don't work on it a lot because I don't have any scraps. But after finishing four projects (actually, I finished a green slipper, too) yesterday, I have a little more. So maybe I will be able to finish that fourth strip soon, if not today. :D  The OB Ward thread has been full (the spreadsheet has, I should say) for a while. So they (the moderators, that is) said consider sending your items to OST. Which is what I have been doing...

I know it's boring, but I don't know if I ever posted all my jelly jars I bought. I got them at Bi-Mart for $8.99 on sale. I thought I got a good deal. Then that same night (or the next night?) we went to Target and they had them for .30c cheaper!!! ARGGGHH!! Lol...   Oh well.  I still have not made any blackberry jam.  I have washed all the jars, though. And they've been sitting on the counter. Sigh....  You know they've been sitting there for a long time when your 13 year old son starts asking about them..      I have never made jam like this. I've done crabapple jelly, and helped (mostly watched) my Mom make strawberry freezer jam. But she did hers in freezer Tupperware containers...   I've never done the boil in pan ten minutes method....   I just need to do it.   I have a big gallon size bag of blackberries in the fridge. I was supposed to take my sister-in-law to the eye doctors yesterday. And I was going to give them to her.  But she cancelled the appointment.  So now they have just been sitting there.  Ugh... Now I have to make another cobbler or something...   :/     Today I was going to make a pot roast for dinner. And maybe some dinner rolls. (Sigh...)  And I have a whole dishwasher full of dishes I have to wash by hand because we are out of dishwasher tabs and still waiting to get paid....    See how things are for me?   :p   


paula said...

YOur life sounds like ours . . stuff to be made sitting on the counter, or in fridge. ANd stuff that needs done but no money to do them.

Your blanket reminds me of something I have on order from Plow and Hearth. ( I ordered the red one for our garden in our new house.

Tina said...

Ooo, those are pretty, Paula. It does kind of look like the strips.. I think I have gotten that catalog before.