Monday, August 29, 2016

I am still working on getting organized..   I finally, totally cleaned off my "craft table".  In my "craft room".  Which is the laundry room aka dog kennel room..   But, it's better than nothing!

I finished a pair of baby booties I started for the OB Unit but quickly realized they would be too big. So I put them away and finished them later. I only had small amounts of the green so I did the soles in green, then took what I had left and cut it exactly in half.  Did the same thing with the turqoise.  I thought it looked kind of "ombre".  We're not supposed to use white to send to the Indian Reservation.  Since they have very limited washing facilities..   But...  I did.

I thought they were kind of cute. :)  They went into the OST/CPS box.

I started the fifth strip of the Scrap Strips Blanket...  

And I took a picture of the calendula...   In case no one knows what it is..  (No one did when I went to Walgreens, or the grocery stores here...)  My Mom used to be into Homeopathic remedies (she still is), and this was always for cuts burns scrapes..    I found it finally at Whole Foods.   I told my husband, "You might try it on your legs."  He has what they think is Psoriasis.  Guess what? It is really helping. More than all the creams from the doctor or the psoriasis creams.  I bought it for Duke's incision.   

My progress on my cousins' baby blanket. I'm farther than this, actually. 

And I finished another hat and scarf set for Operation General Beadle.. pattern.  And for the scarf, I used the Crochet Ribbed Scarf pattern.  For this scarf I chained 185 with an I hook.  And it came out to 56 inches (the chain did).

I used one Caron Cake to do the hat and scarf. With this much leftover.

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paula said...

How did you like the feel of the cake? I'm leaving mine in the drawer until we get moved and settled. Hope it will become the basis of the first project in the new home.