Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Apple Pie

I finally made a pie with the apples from our tree..   :)  I really wasn't in the mood to make a pie. But after I got started, I started to enjoy it.  Especially while I was peeling and cutting the apples. Which usually I hate. But then I remembered how I always wanted to save the apple seeds to try and grow my own apple tree, every time we went apple picking in Michigan...    So then I started looking for good seeds. I only used seeds from apples that were big and ripe..  

Here it is with the top crust one.  I wasn't too happy with the way the edges came out. I think I didn't have enough crust, honestly. The apples were piled so high.  But it still tasted really good.

With my new pie crust shield on.  I have been wanting one of these forever...

I think it really did make a difference.  How can just a plain old pie be so good?...   Makes everyone go crazy.  :P

I also don't know if I posted about my other new baking "toy", my husband got me a new rolling pin. Yay...  What a stupid thing to be happy about, probably most of you are saying right now.  My old one was cracked, forever.  The crack kept getting bigger and bigger. Then, the ends started coming off. I had to try and re-screw them in. But it didn't really work. I finally just threw it away. Then I would have to use a recycled bottle to try and roll anything out.  I did that a few times.   Then my husband got me a new one.  

I also may have found out what kind of apples are on one of our apple trees. I think it might be Gravenstein Apples!!  I googled how to tell what kind of apple tree I have, and I found this site where you can type in all the characteristics of your apples, and 14 different varieties came up.  I think it is the Gravenstein. These were all my results.  I saw a sign at the Produce stand by our house, that said "Gravenstein Apples"...    It is either that or the Cox Orange Pippin. But I don't know if those grow here?..  According to that site, they do. Here is a comparison of the two side by side.. i don't know, maybe it is a Cox Orange Pippin.  It doesn't have a sweet sharp taste. It is just sweet. I might have to go buy some Gravenstein Apples and compare...

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paula said...

Your being thrilled at a rolling pin reminded me of the CHristmas I got an ironing board and iron from mom and Dad . . I was beside myself with joy . . . guess that was when I knew I was an adult.

Your pie looks scrumptious.