Saturday, August 27, 2016

Getting Organized...

I haven't been crocheting or knitting for the OB Ward the past month (except the afghan I just posted). But not last month. I have been crocheting hats and mittens and scarves, though; for Operation General Beadle.  Anyway, there were three blankets still needed in August. I had the one finished, and thought "I should do a fleece one..." I did have some frog fleece I had bought because it was on sale. I wasn't going to do anything with it yet...   But then I thought "Why not?"   Well of course, then; I couldn't find all my stuff to cut the fleece out. I had the cutting mat, and the regular rotary cutting blade. But couldn't find the cutting guide or my skip stitch blade...   this is part of why I get so irritated. Finding everything. Then by the time I find everything I am so irritated I don't want to do it...     But while looking I saw some other fleece I had bought (this car fleece) at my pharmacy. I thought it was so cute for a boy.  I bought two big panels of it.    I found my cutting guide (it was buried, in my closet- which I thought it was in there, but it was under some shoes... UGH).   Then I looked for my skip stitch blade. I found the little plastic container it is in. Yay... Get it out after I cut the fleece, to switch blades on my cutter. It's not the skip stich blade it's the regular blade from the second cutter I bought. UGH!  Tried racking my brain "Where is the other cutter?"  "Oh I know...  It's in the Jeep." Exactly where it's supposed to be, right?   It was one of the (million things I just threw in the back when we were moving... (We've been here what five months now?)  Sigh...     I went out and got it. Then TOLD myself, "This will be fun. Damnit!!!"  I had a bad headache, and was a little irritable, but...   I cut out the frog fabric and did the skip stitch holes.   Then put it on the couch, to crochet on later...  Then started dinner.   Then got the car fleece out and cut it, and did the skip stitch holes..    

So, I got three blankets done.   Washed, tagged and mailed them yesterday.   

I got two pairs of booties done, too.   I mailed those the day before. Because I was mailing a box to Alice, and didn't know when I would have money or if I had a box to mail the blankets in. I had a puffy envelope to mail the booties though. So I finished filling two slots for the OB Ward...   :)   I really liked crocheting the light green booties.  The turqoise ones were pretty good, too. Well, the first one was. The second one, not so much. :P

I have to work on my pink baby blanket, too; so I can get that done in time for my cousins' baby shower...  (Or before their baby is born at least..)

Being unorganized and having clutter everywhere is really starting to get on my nerves.  It's not technically my fault. We moved so many *&^%$# times, I didn't even want to BE in the apartments; and knew (hoped!!) we were going to be moving again in a few months, so I didn't even unpack a few boxes. And had nowhere to put a lot of it, anyway..    And here, I don't have a lot of room to put it all, either.  But I have slowly been trying to get organized and keep things organized.    Since doing that, I cannot find my prescription pack.  Ugh...   I called the pharmacy though; and they were able to just look it up, and refill it.  O.o   

Another thing that was bugging me, was the un-matching dog dishes..  We had matching ones; but left them at a McDonald's parking lot, on the move out here..   Then we bought a water bowl. But were still just using the leftover container for the food.   I finally got a matching food bowl.  :P  Now I just need a mat for underneath, so the floor won't get ruined from Duke slopping water everywhere when he drinks...And any food on the floor gets all smushy, and makes a mess.. You can see some by their water bowl...

Another thing I had been wanting to get is one of these, to make pies with since I picked all those apples. Which is another thing I have to do... Make a pie.   I don't want to.   Lol...    Eon seemed to love this.  (He is a little strange... :P)  He got a big smile (what?) on his face and had this in his hand and said something about getting this in anticipation of something (I forget what it was, something to do with one of his games...) and something about a Mr. Anderson.  It's Mrs. Anderson's Baking Pie Crust shield..  I just smiled and said "I got it to make a pie with.."  :P   

My husband took me to Michaels last week.  I said "I don't know what to get..."  :0   (Did I say that?)  :P  But when I walked to the yarn section, I saw these! I said "I have to get one."  I didn't know they were a new thing and all the rage...  I just liked it.   

Right after I bought it, I kept seeing them all over Facebook.  It got old, fast.   I got it to crochet a scarf and hat to go with some gloves I had bought at Jo-Ann's, for Operation General Beadle.   Then went back to get one more. But (of course) they didn't have any more of THAT color.  So, since it was "Buy two get one free" (with Michael's membership, which is free); I got three more.  In different colors to go with other gloves I bought..

These are all the gloves I got, one in every color. I also bought a pack of socks at Sears last night.  By the time I get all this done I will have quite a bit to send.  The problem is doing it. And having fun and not thinking "I have to finish this.."   Which sucks all the fun out of it and burns me out.    I haven't taken a picture of it but I did finish a scarf with the first Caron Cake, and am working on a hat. But I don't like how the hat is turning out.....

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paula said...

Have you seen any of the Mandala Madness throws on Facebook? I bought 11 cakes (or whatever number is close to buy 2 get 1 free) so I can make one of these . . . I tried to get different colors and organize them so the color at the end of one cake will match the beginning of the next acke.

Oh, and wait until you see my post for today . . I am busting with pride to show of the beginning of my Mochila bag . . . lots of errors, but it is a work in progress and I am learning as I go.