Thursday, August 04, 2016

Some FO's Finally.

I had joined the "Christmas in July" CAL at the Crochet Christmas group on Ravelry. Well I guess since it's technically August now... That thread is CLOSED.  Sheesh.   Oh well. I finished these today. I have had them 90% done, but I needed buttons..  I went and got some at JoAnns today.   I thought I was going to have to get orange yarn, too. But I found some real thin orange and I just held it doubled to do the noses...   I might make more of these. They are cute. And I bought some green yarn I wanted to do a green one.  But I am crocheting some green slippers now.  

I had to do a Minion Christmas Sack, too. I actually started this one last, but finished it first. :P Because I had one black button in my sewing basket, for the eye.   The pattern is the Crochet Snowman Sack.  I held the yarn doubled for all the sacks, because I didn't have chunky yarn.  

And, I finally finished these Angry Birds slippers today, too. I needed buttons for these, too. It only took me almost three years to finish them. But hey...      When you move 5,000 miles in between and they are packed away for years...   Sigh...    They also didn't turn out as cute as I thought they would. And, I forgot what the heck I did for the eyes/eyebrows. So... Thank goodness the two white parts of the eyes were done. I just looked at the slipper that was finished and guessed for the rest...    Maybe they will make a child happy and keep his or her feet warm. They're for Pine Ridge. If they arent going to have a slipper drive or Christmas drive I will send them to OST/CPS.  Maybe they'd be cuter if I added beaks? I don't know...

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paula said...

I think your Angry Birds are jut adorable. They way they sit they look like they have a mouth where the foot opening is located.