Thursday, July 28, 2016

Anniversary.... and More Blackberries

Mine and my  husbands' wedding anniversary was a week ago. I don't know if I mentioned that. We've been married 24 years. These are the flowers he brought me home (and a card).  He said he bought them because I always say, "Don't buy me flowers. they just die and are a waste of money". So he bought these to plant outside. But, when we put them outside they withered right up. ??  Maybe they need a shady area. I will have to google it. 

My sister-in-law brought me a plant over on our anniversary, too. (I feel like I wrote about this..) She didn't know it was our anniversary until later.  It's a begonia? I always thought begonias were flowers you planted outside. Apparently there's houseplants that are begonias too. They do get flowers.

My Mom sent us a card, and a gift card to go out to eat. We still haven't gone out to eat (with this card- we did go out to eat on our anniversary). We didn't get this card til the day after our anniversary, I think?  I think I have gotten that same card for Steve before. Or he got it for me.  :P
The last time I went out to pick blackberries, they were huge!! I hadn't gone out in a few days. 

And there were so many!! Oh my god...   

Aren't they beautiful?  :)

This is how many I picked that day. And I didn't even pick all of them. I got sick of picking them.  I need to go out and pick them again so they don't go to waste. P  But I don't want to...    I have all the blackberries in the world, and I should be happy. But...  Sigh,...

I made another cobbler.
And smoothies for the kids..   I made another batch of syrup for pancakes. It's also good on ice cream.  And I still have a big bowl in the fridge that I hadn't frozen yet and need to use up.  

This was the "project" I wanted to do with the music sheets.. So far, I've made three envelopes.  While I was making the second envelope, I noticed "copyright 1914" on the bottom of the page.  :0   I was like "What did I just do?"....  Maybe this was actually worth some money!?   But then my husband and I were looking at the book later, and the book is copyrighted 1946.  Still old!! World War II era.    The other book I had bought is too small.  

My husband has been working for someone who has been giving him big bags full of apples. I said "Did you tell him we have two apple trees?" (And a million blackberry bushes?!!)  He said "No that would be rude.."  It probably would, but...  What am I a Farmer's Wife?    I made a big pot of applesauce. I used this recipe.   I was not sure what "six pounds of apples" measured out to. I weighed the bag of apples on my bathroom scale but it kept coming up 00.  One time it came up 6.8. Which was the whole bag. But then I googled how many cups is a pound? And it said three cups. 3 x 6 = 18.  :0  18 cups?  Well it came out to the almost the whole bag. So...  I guess it was right. I did add almost a whole other half cup of brown sugar, and more cinnamon.  

It is yummy! I might have to make some more..    (Good thing I have tons of apples still...)

My husband asked me if I wanted to go shopping with him, to Walmart or Target (to get some work shirts cheap); the other night.   We had to go to Home Depot for something first. Some part for work he needed...   I was walking past some work gloves; and I said (out loud), I should get a pair of gloves for picking blackberries." Another reason I don't want to pick blackberries is because the pickers are getting really bad! Two of my fingers still have pickers imbedded in them (one was bad) and besides that my fingers and arms were all scratched from them.  So... I went and found a pair of gardening gloves.  

And I got a lamp. I always ask to borrow Eon's lamp so I can see at night when I crochet..   He kept saying whenever we were out and walked past lamps "You should get a lamp so you can stop borrowing mine.."      I got to go to Target and what do I buy? A lamp and gardening gloves...   Lol. What kind of a girl am I?   (I honestly couldn't even find anything I liked in clothes or shoes...  What the heck are they trying to pass off as "style"?  Sheesh..)    Steve and Eon found shirts they liked..

Monday would have been Eons' first day back to school, if we still lived in Tennessee.  I wish we did. It wasn't perfect there. But I would rather be there than here.  I think my husband is sick of me saying it.  But it's true.  Out of all the children (me and my siblings), I am the only one who lives far away now. Everyone else is in either Michigan or Tennessee. I was in Tennessee, before we came here.     I wish I had a time machine..

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