Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

We didn't do anything for the fourth. My husband mowed the grass and weed and feeded the lawn. :P  I picked some blackberries. These pictures are actually from a few days ago, though. We are going to have so many blackberries!  We have bushes on both sides of the fence in our backyard, and about a quarter of the way along the back fence.

Some with flowers..  There were bees everywhere. But they didn't bother me

And we are going to have so many apples, too. The apples are actually getting pretty big, now. 

These were the blackberries I picked yesterday.  I was thinking, this isn't enough to make anything with.  Then I thought "I wonder if I could just freeze them until I have enough to actually make something (jam)?"  This site tells you how. So that's what I did. I did wash them. About ten times, at least. And let them soak several times in between. To get any bugs out. If there's any bugs left, they are frozen now. :P

This is a picture Eli took of a hummingbird outside his window. I told him "You should be a photographer, Eli."  

This was a total coincidence. I was washing the dishes yesterday morning. I have been recycling since we moved here (but I keep lids for something else)... Anyway I was washing a vegetable oil container. I threw the lid in the dishwasher and noticed, there's a red one and a white one. Red, white and blue. I told my husband "Want to see something cool?" Even my dishes are being patriotic. :P

This was about all we did for the fourth (even though today is the fourth, we "celebrated" yesterday, because my husband has to work today.)  I made strawberry shortcake, with blue whipped cream. I made the whip cream myself with whipping cream, and blue dye. I saw it on Pinterest. I would have to add the whole bottle of food coloring to get it the shad of blue for an actual flag. But it was more blue in real life..  And it was super yummy. I was saving up my calories all week, for this.  

I did crochet some Fourth of July things...   A Heart Pocket Note Holder.  I want to either buy a star button to sew on the white part. Or maybe I will crochet one.

And, I did a red white and blue towel topper.  I used this pattern, but I tweaked it a lot. To be like the ones that I got in an RAOK. (Like the one right next to it - she sent me two.)    I had one big read button. So I used that.  


paula said...

When I only have a few pieces of fruit, or just grapes, I lay them in a layer on a cookie sheet and then place them in the freezer. Once frozen they go in a baggy and are frozen great. I do it with grapes when I am hungry for grapes I can chew on. Not just bite into and swallow.

Tina said...

That's exactly what I have been doing, Paula. Until I have enough to actually make something. :)