Monday, July 18, 2016

Another Summer Boho Bag and a Weekend Family Day Out

I finished this bag last night.  I was wondering how many actual skeins it would take to do this, when I was doing the first one (seeing as how I had to buy three just to finish it). It only took one 5 ounce skein of Red Heart "Aran Fleck". I had a yard or two leftover, too.  For the strap, I cut fifteen strands about 47 inches long and braided them.

I tried to get a better picture of the tassle...   I want to line it. I know I have some muslin in one of my bins somewhere..   Not a bad bag for $2.49 on sale at JoAnns.

Saturday we took Eli up to turn in a job application somewhere. (Turned out it is for a midnight shift- uh, no....)  I was all stressed out that day.  I don't know why.  Well, I do know why..  I had to drive him there myself and I do not know my way around here. My husband wrote down directions. But...   Then there's trying to get them both up (Eli got up on his own, but...  Eon is another matter).  And, other reasons.. Which is a long story.  Well, it turned out by the time I was almost ready Eli was just getting out of the shower, and Eon was up..  Then Steve came home from work early.  So, he ended up taking us all.   Then we went to a Farm Store/Petting Zoo.  The boys are (I thought) kind of old for a petting zoo...   But they liked it! Who doesn't like animals?  Especially goats and baby goats..  Look at Eli smiling. :)

I wanted to goat-nap some of them...

Especially the babies. 

Look at Eon smiling, too. :)  There were a few machines were you put a quarter in and get some goat food (they had some for the rabbits, too).  He was feeding them. One of the older goats kept trying to butt the babies out of the way. So I distracted the bully goat so Eon could feed the babies..   I don't think that's this picture. I think that white goat with the black eye was the bully.

I was surprised Eon agreed to this picture (but happy!).  I think because Eli was already over there, he did it..  :)

Me and Steve.   I haven't posted many pictures of our little trips we take. But I finally uploaded all my phone pictures yesterday, so...   :)

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