Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Boring Post...

Wait. Aren't all my posts boring?... Want to see some gross, boring pictures of me cleaning my stove?...  Sorry..   This bugs me.  This is how dirty the stove was when we moved in here. You would think that a realtor would pull the stove out to clean (especially when your lease is a fourteen page long lease stating how every single item in the house has to be cleaned upon vacating the premises?..)   Grrrr.  Apparently they don't have to do that for you, upon moving in.  I pulled the stove out because every time I stand there, cooking; I can see down the side and it is disgusting... (It's worse in Real Life).  This is the Before.

After.   I won't show the floor pictures...  (I took them for "Proof", in case we need it at a later date - you never know.)  Sick of crooked people.  Anyway. That's clean now. One of a hundred things I need to do...

Some Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookies I made..   Everybody loved these.  Even my Mom and sisters on Instagram. Lol...

Today I made some Fro Yo Treats for the kids. (I ate one, too. Which I shouldn't have because I was almost immediately in the bathroom from that little bit of Greek Yogurt.)   Anyway, I saw these on Pinterest: Two Ingredient Frozen Yogurt Bites.  They were super easy to make.

I only had one container of Light & Fit Greek yogurt. It made these four. 

I used some of the blackberries from our bushes. :D  These are the ones I picked today.

These are the ones I picked two days ago.  I washed them all and froze them (I feel like I blogged about this already?...) I think I posted the picture of this bowl..  I used all of these for the Fro Yo Treats. I also want to try these Frozen Banana Bites this summer.  I did make some Homemade Hershey's Syrup last night. I didn't take a picture of it. 

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