Monday, July 25, 2016

Christmas In July

Since I've gotten over my knitting and crocheting funk, and finished two boho purses.. I have been thinking what else to do. I did start (and finish) a scarf. I started a hat to go with it. For the Operation General Beadle Project (Pine Ridge elementary school drive).  I ran out of yarn though. I should have got more yesterday when I got this yarn. DUH....   See how dizzy I am?...  I was only thinking about the thing(s) I was currently working on, though.   Which is a CAL in another group I am in on Ravelry, Crochet Christmas.  Christmas in July.   I have small amounts of white and pink, and a half skein of red. But, I was thinking about making a few of each thing. So I thought I should get some more. 

And I wanted some sparkly yarn for knitted Christmas Bells. I really wanted sparkly variegated Christmas yarn. But I couldn't find any...   I wish they still made Jamie Baby Pompadour yarn. The white with the sparkly thread in it..

This is one of the things I did, a Santa Badge. (It's a free Ravelry download.) I think it's supposed to be a pin.  Or you could use it to hang on your Christmas tree..  Or a package topper...  You could use it for whatever you want.

And I did a Santa Frame Ornament. I actually started this one first. But I was really tired and totally confused myself...  Like usual...    I have this thing where I do what I think the pattern is saying, but then screw it up (because I'm doing it wrong..)   It's also a free Ravelry download.  I ripped it all out then did the Santa Badge first.  I want to do a few of these, if not a bunch.  I used to love doing CAL's...   The excitement just isn't there any more for me.  It was fun, though.

Besides JoAnn's, my husband actually said he wanted to go to Goodwill. :0 I was shocked. He never wants to go there.  I want to go, almost  always.   I have been wanting to get some sheet music for a project I wanted to do..  I found these for 99 cents and $1.99.

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paula said...

My mnd has been like yours since the surgery. I have NEVER had problems with making a spiral circle but, Oh Good Lord, since I had that anesthetic for the surgery my mind is mush . . . of course, it could be 2 major anesthetic in less than a month have built up in the body and brain.

Sure hope it clears out soon. I want to make a Mochila Bag and I need to be able to read a graph to make it work :(