Friday, June 24, 2016

Some Older Pictures, But I Never Posted About Them...

At least I don't think I have. I might have posted a couple (I know I posted the birthday card). Anyway, this is a Friendship Tea gift tea bag holder. I posted about getting the stamps for this.  I was making a little Birthday Puffy to send to one of my Pen Pals..

I crocheted her this tea mug mat. I saw some bunnyknitter had done, and tried to copy hers but in darker colors.  Nothing fancy. But.. Something to set your tea mug on so you don't leave water marks on your table.  

I saw these at Target.  Sue loves paper stuff, so I thought she might like them (I know I did).  

A picture I took of (almost) everything. I also bought her a handsewn Button bag (because I was also sending her a bunch of buttons- which I also didn't take a picture of), and a little cute saying I printed out on card stock and cut out to put in with the buttons ` "Moms are like buttons - They hold everything together."   The button bag I bought from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, you can find her Etsy Shop here:  rsislandcrafts Etsy Store. She makes the cutest Monogrammed Letter Bags (which is what I originally wanted to get, but then I saw the button bag and had to get it. (I wish I would have taken a picture of it!) She does wonderful work. I couldn't sew a zipper in if my life depended on it. :P

And this is the card I made her.  I need to make another one, for another pen pal.  I don't think I will do one like this. I kind of wanted to another butterfly one.  Maybe a little different, though. I really love this one. But, I don't have a lacy butterfly punch...  I will have to dig through all my supplies...  I could definitely do one like this..  Oooo, or this one, I love this one.  This one I could do, as well.   If I get to work, instead of going online looking for ideas.... O.o

And I do have something else to show for myself. ;P  I finished another strip on the scrap strips afghan. This is strip #3.  It's my "Watching TV Project". Or should I say, "Watching Netflix Project"?  I think two more strips will be big enough to make a blanket.  I've also been working on the scrap log cabin baby blanket.  I am on the last of the second small strips (does that make sense?)..  I was worried about the purple variegated edge. Crocheting over it did cover it up, but I can still kind of tell..  Maybe washing/blocking it will take care of it.  Note to self: Next time don't be so lazy, and get up and get the pattern.  Lol.  

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