Friday, March 02, 2012

Two Winter RAOKs!

Not in the same day, but... I got two Winter RAOKs. Yesterday, I got this package from Mary Jo (TampaDoll) from Crochetville. :D  This was all stuff I had on my wishlist. Stationery, pens, anything bird or owl. And Strawberry Crystal Light. (And more!)  And a lovely seashell card. <3

I put the adorable owl next to my owl from lil-hippie (also from Crochetville). Now I have two owls from my friends at Crochetville. :)  Aren't they cute!?

Then today I got another RAOK from someone in MS!! This is another thing I have on my wishlist: Scrap balls of yarn! I call it yarn candy. :P  I am tying the little balls on to my magic ball rug.  Thank you MaryJo and FGM from MS!!! I love them both. 

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