Saturday, March 17, 2012

"I'm Too Sexy For My Milk Bone"

:P  Jetta used to LOVE her Milk Bones. I would say "Do you want a cookie?!" She would get so excited, and wiggle around and jump.  Then when I got the Milk Bone, she would go over to the carpet and sit, and put her paw up. Aw!...   Well then I got some "new" treats, (Chuck Wagon Chicken treats, or something?)  And she started acting like she was too good for Milk Bones. :(   Now all the Chicken treats are gone, so maybe she will like her Milk Bones again... :P    (Sorry for the blurry phone pic..)


paula said...

AT CHristmas, we always give dog treats to the neighborhood, and extended faily, fur babies.

The bulldog down the street has been on a restricted diet . . her mom brought Indy some healthy treats . . .Indy thought they were weird . . LOLOL . . . never ate a one.

We have bought her the, I believe, CHuck Wagon rawhide rolls-ups. We call them her cigar because when she first had one, she held it in her mouth just like Dad always held his cigar.

When she wants one, she bugs us exactly the same way she bigs us when she has to go out. Except, when we get up, shegoes directly to the kitchen and stares up to the place on the top of the fridge where her "cigars" are. She is such a goof.

Jetta has grown up to be such a pretty girl.

Tina said...

Aw. That's cute. It's funny how they know what they want, we just have to figure it out sometimes. Jetta was whining at our tub the other day & I finally went over there- her ball was up there. She knew it, I just had to figure out what she wanted. :P Thanks, Paula. :)