Friday, March 09, 2012

More Arts & Crafts Fun... ("Crayon Cakes" Again...)

Last night Eon wanted to make these. I said "Oh yeah... Those are cool."  :D  We didn't have many broken crayon pieces this time.

And, we probably should have made more in each muffin tin. They were pretty skinny. But I thought they turned out kinda cool.

The tops of them.  

Well Picky Mr. Eon didn't like them being skinny and some were "cracked".  Ugh...  So I said well just put one on top of each one & re-melt them.  I thought they looked cooler the first time. :(  But oh well.

He wanted to give one to his teacher.  :P  Poor teachers. Probably get a bunch of stuff from students that they're thinking "What am I going to do with this?"...  Lol. 

While I was googling how to recycle crayons last night, I found a couple really cool ideas. This one was THE coolest one: Crayon Heart Valentines. I need to get some glitter, and some heart shaped silicone molds.  :P  More cool ideas: How to Creatively Recycle Your Crayons. Cool lego people & lego blocks!! (I am not showing that one to Eon. I have no idea where to get lego molds... :P)   Cool Puzzle Piece and recycled crayon molds!  Man, now I just feel like a Lame Mom. :(   More recycled crayon molds, and cool layered triangles.  I do have star ice cube trays. Maybe I could use those next time. 

ETA: I found some silicone lego block and lego people molds on Ebay!! Eon is going to be so stoked. I think even hard to impress Eli might be stoked, too.  I just got the block mold, but maybe I'll get the people one soon...  :D  Now I don't feel like such a Lame Mom...  :P

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