Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Last Minute Birthday Card

We got invited to our neighbors' 7 year old daugters birthday party today. I knew about it earlier in the week. Don't ask me why I didn't go buy a card earlier. Oh, wait. Maybe because my neighbor said not to bring anything. But, I didn't want to come empty handed.  So, one hour (yes, one hour) before the birthday party, I decided to make a card. I was going to go early in the morning to go get one. But, I do not feel good at all. I didn't even want to go because I really don't feel good. And Eon was taking forever to get in the shower & get dressed. (Like usual.)  Anyway, I decided to use kind of the same lay out as the baby shower card I did. But in girl colors. And a recent card making magazine I got had a page on how to do this lettering.  I used a puppy stamp of my son's. (Technically it is mine, but I let him have it..)  And, I gave her money.

I think Eon had fun. In fact, I am almost 99.9% positive he did. :)

The Bouncy House!

Unbelievably, he was the only kid in there at this moment.. :P 
I think even Eli had fun. He went home and got his frisbies and Nerf swords; and he went in the bouncy house. :P I think I might have had some "fun" if I had felt better. Plus, I didn't hardly know anyone. Except my neighbor.
A wolf spider (yikes) was on their front sidewalk.
And this one of their dogs, Brandy. She's a sweetheart. She's a Red Heeler; pretty old. I gave her a few scraps.  She gave me some kisses. :)

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