Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Baby Afghan (In Progress)

There is a Baby Items Challenge going on at a Yahoo Group I am in. (Crafting for a Cause).  I wasn't going to join, because I get myself too stressed out AND I have to send the stuff. Well this time I told myself, "I'm ONLY going to finish what I have already started or almost done." Psshhh. Guess what? That didn't happen.  Well, it did. I finished it all. But, then I decided to make an afghan today.

To go with this sweater set.  :)  I figured, if I can finish a baby afghan in less than two weeks, I can finish it by the middle of April or so.  I am using a pattern which doesn't seem to be available anymore. It was on a wideopenwest site, called "Rectangle Square". I only have a little bit of the dark pink left, and a good sized amount of the light pink. So it will be a scrapghan.  I'll try & make it work. Then I will have three full layettes to send in. :)

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