Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Circus!!

The Circus came to our town. It wasn't the Barnum Bros. or anything. But still...  For a little kid, whose never been to a circus before... :P  Eon got a free ticket (for him), at school. (I noticed later that the free tickets for children were all over town...)   We left a little too early. The shows were at 5 & 7 pm. Well I have never been to a circus before, either. I thought maybe the tickets might get sold out (in this town? -trust me...)  Well we got there, and the ticket window wasn't even open. So... We went to Walmart. 

Then we went to Dairy Queen! :D

Here's the Circus Tent.  I was secretly, I think; even more excited than Eon. I have never been to a Circus, either. :D

Waiting for Eon to finish his ice cream cone...  Sheesh. We should have gone to Dairy Queen first. It probably would have taken him the whole hour before the show started, just to finish that ice cream cone... :P

(My husband said he doesn't think he's ever been to a circus, either.. So it was a first for all of us.)

Going in....  (I hope no one saw me taking these pictures... lol)

Waiting some more, for the show to start. :)   I didn't take any more pictures than these. I did make a few videos, of some of the acts, though. They had pony rides. Eon wanted to go on one. But it was extra money.  (The ponies were SO cute!! My husband said "Do you want a pony now?" I said "Yes!" :P)  It was loud, and I don't like crowds, but it was still fun And they didn't have any creepy clowns either. (Bonus- for me, at least..) :P


paula said...

I think I went to the circus every year growing up. They used to bring them to my hometown by train, unload them and have a parade to the place where the circus was held . . totally cool.

Tina said...

I don't remember ever going to a circus. I was terrified of clowns (still don't like them). Maybe that's why. lol..