Friday, March 02, 2012

Student of the Month Award

Eon won the Student of the Month Award at school this week. I'm so proud of him.  I felt so bad, because I totally forgot about the Awards Assembly. :(  His teacher told me about it, but by the time I got into the car in the parking lot, I had already forgotten.  I have a hard time remembering anything lately. (I do have to say that it was the day of the Valentine's Day Party when she told me..) Anyway~ Eon won a Papa John's Pizza gift certificate for either a personal pan pizza or cheesy breadsticks, which we already used. (We got the breadsticks.) And a Dairy Queen gift certificate for an ice cream cone. Plus the award, necklace, a pencil.  :)  Pretty cool! I'm going to have to get another picture frame, for his award. :D


paula said...

Eon always looks "thrilled" when you take his pix . . . lolol

Tina said...

Lol, Paula. I know. He's a little punk. I used to say "I'll give you a dollar if you smile"... ;P He's getting to that age I think.. Doesn't want his picture taken any more. :(