Friday, December 16, 2011

Well...  After trying for days to upload a video here, I guess it isn't possible. I know I have done it before. But I can't remember how. So...  Here is a picture of Eon at his Christmas Concert the other night. Doesn't he look like he's having fun?...  0.o  (He is next to the girl w/ the red and black striped dress.)  I begged, pleaded and argued with him about wearing something a little nicer for the concert. But it wasn't worth the battle...  I guess not everyone dressed up. But the little kids who did looked so nice.   All the kids did such a cute job singing. I wish I could post a video for you to hear and see it.  :(

Here are all the hats I have done so far. It's taken me three or four days just to finish one hat.  (Sigh.)  I asked the boys what they thought about them. "They're gay," said the teenager. :(   But the 9 year old said they were all right.  So, I guess I will take his word over the teenagers. Since they will be going to elementary school aged kids...  They're for the Santa Tree at his school.  I'm working on another one. But I don't know how much more I will be able to finish.

I also made two Santa Hats from Mimi's Santa Hat pattern.  They're for our neighbors' little girls. The older one rides the bus with our son.  I'm also making some cookies. I have one kind done, and in the freezer. I still want to make one more kind of cookies, and some peppermint bark.  I got some plastic tins (?) for cookies today, finally.  I have a couple tins I could probably use. But my Grandma gave them to me. And I don't want to give them away.... 

Here are the girls' hats, "wrapped" up. 

And here is a Jetta Picture of the Day. :P   I've been singing her Christmas Songs, "Jetta" style...

"Have a Holly Jolly Jetta.
She's the best puppy of the year.
I don't know if she will grow
into her big ears.
Have a Holly Jolly Jetta.
And in case you didn't hear.
Oh by Golly have a holly, jolly Jetta this year..."

I know, I've gone off my rocker.  Here's another one I sang to her when she was sitting by the fireplace getting warm one day:
"Jetta's roasting by the open fire.
Her fur is getting pretty warm..." 

LOL...   That's as far as I got.   I know, I'm weird... I keep myself entertained, though. :P

Only 8 more days til Christmas!!!


paula said...

My kind of CHristmas songs.

Try these for your video:

Save the video to your computer.

Save your video into Flickr then upload it to your blog. Then. right click to get the video properties and save it like a picture . . if that doesn't want to work . . go to the HTML and save the properties in this page . . then it should work.

Tina said...

Thank you, Paula! I am a computer dummy for sure. :( I will try that. I have a Flickr account. :D