Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Wishlist RAOKs I Have Received!

Lookie what I got!... This is from Auntbubbels. Snowman soup, Butter Rum coffee (yummY)~ I gave the hot chocolate to the boys, and the coffee is for us adults. :P And a Christmas Card. <3 She wrapped a couple things, so we didn't know what they were...

I let Eon open them. :P

Three snowman ornaments, and two cool pens, made out of recycled plastic water bottles~ So cool!! Thank you so much, auntbubbels!

Two days later, I got another one! My favorite candy, Werther's. And another Christmas Card.  It was weird, because I had just bought a bag of Werther's candy that very day~ Not for me, for my Dad. (It's his favorite candy, too.) And I got a bag sent to me in the mail. :D  The Crochetville Elves are working their magic! :P

Here is one of the snowmen auntbubbels sent, on our tree...  So cute!! 

This isn't from the Holiday Wishlist, but from someone I write to regularly. (A pen pal :D) 

YARN!!!  :D  I love it, thank you Sue! (I don't know if she reads my blog at all, but..)

And here is one thing I have crocheted for someone for The Holiday Wishlist..  Slippers. In Christmas colors. :)  She has already gotten these, so I can post about them.  That was one of the things on her list.  I have crocheted other things, too. But no one has received them yet, so I can't post them...     It isn't much, but.   

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