Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some Christmas Goodies..

I made some peppermint bark yesterday. I don't remember where the recipe was. I googled about four different ones.  This is only about half of the pan I made. The other half was for the vultures that were flying around the kitchen. ;P

This is the plate I will be giving the neighbors. She brought us some goodies over on this same plate. I am so lame I thought I would just take my goodies over to her on the same plate. Hee hee. (She will think it's funny..) (I washed the plate, btw...) lol   Oh, from the left: M & M's cookies, using M & M's mini baking bits, Peanut Butter Blossoms, and the peppermint bark.  <---  This was the recipe I ended up using. I was going to try her Christmas Tree Peppermint Bark, but I still haven't found any good Christmas tree cookie cutters to use. So I ended up using just a regular bark recipe instead.. 

And the two plastic "tins" (? I guess tins are plastic now?... I could only find little tiny cookie tins to buy anywhere here. The only good sized ones I could find were these.)  Anyway, these are technically not filled all the way yet. I still want to make another batch of peppermint bark. And another batch of cookies. And I want to try some of the Saltine Toffee Paula posted the recipe for on her blog...  I don't know if I will get it all done. But I at least have to make more bark, OR another batch of cookies...  So I can finish filling these up.  One is for my youngest son's teacher. The other one, I haven't fully decided yet who it will be for.  I might give it to our other neighors.

I finished a pair of slippers yesterday. I really liked making these. Someone had posted a bunch of slippers they had made for co-workers, on Crochetville. And she posted the links to all the patterns. This was one of the patterns.  I think it might be new favorite slipper pattern.  It's just easy, and looks cool. (IMO)  I added the ties, since the cuff seemed a little loose. I didn't read the last part of the pattern where she said she added a couple sctog's on the cuff part.  I will do that next time. I crocheted these with a skein of the yarn the wonderful Elf sent me for the Holiday Wishlist RAOK. :D   I put these in a pile of slippers I am sending to Pine Ridge. I think I have a good enough sized pile to send them pretty soon.

The slipper pattern is called Short Faux Heel Slipper Sock, it's a free Ravelry Download.


paula said...

Don't you just LOVE Christmas goodies?

I talked to my cousin the other day and she wanted to know if there was anything she could get me for Christmas from INdiana that we couldn't get here. I reminded her that her sister and I decided that this year we would only exchange the homemade goodies a=we make at Christmas.

Each of us makes something different, so this is a great way to get something different . . . plus, my younger cousin ALWAYS has the best stuff that she makes.

Now, I know each of us will add to the "food . . but only fun stuff. Or, if lucky, something we found that reminded us of our childhoods . . . for several years I sent them Sock Monkey things . . . our mutual aunt made the 4 cousins sock monkeys when we were little and I still remember her complaining about that fiber stuffing she had to use . . it was more like rubber pellets . . and it got ALL OVER THE PLACE no matter how hard you tried to keep it together.

Anyway . . everything looks great and I am a real sucker for Peppermint Bark.

Tina said...

Yes! I am going to gain so much weight... (Sigh..) :P But it's so much fun & so yummy. I am also going to make some holiday pretzel treats for Eon's classroom for the party this week. I saw them in an older issue of a Family Fun magazine I have: And, more M & M's cookies, probably~ I'll have to save some for Santa. :P