Monday, December 12, 2011

I Have Decided Something...

Alert the Press... :P     I have been crocheting a lot for the Holiday Wishlist. And still trying to finish up Eon's Snuggie. I feel like I've been crocheting for months, for Christmas. Well. Technically, I have been. Since July.  I think I am just burned out. And so I decided, I am only going to crochet hats for the Santa Tree at Eons' school.  So far, this is what I have done. I'm using the EZ Earflaps Pattern, I found it on Ravelry. :)   Even though we are not so well off, with my husband having been laid off since last December; I know there are a lot of families worse off than we are. And I want to help them in some way.  Since I haven't been volunteering at the school this year, I figured this can be a way to "volunteer" my time. :)  So that's what I am busy doing right now. 

Here's a picture of our tree, all decorated. We don't have a skirt under, (or presents) yet in this picture (I just did that this morning); but...     Only twelve more days until Christmas!! :D 

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