Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Crochetville Elves Are Busy!

Look at the HUGE box of yarn I got yesterday from Amanda!! :O  I could not believe it all. She also sent two wrapped presents for our boys. That was so wonderful of her!

Look at all of it. Caron Sinply Soft, and Country, Patons Twister, Lion Microspun, Bernat, Red Heart (one of the colors I had just run out of that day and was kinda bummed cuz I really like that color & wanted to make a hat out of it~ And a magical elf sent it to me in the mail!!). She also sent Sugar n' Cream dishcloth cotton, Baby yarn!...   I am going to have enough yarn to last me for a long time and will be able to make lots of stuff for charity and hats for the Santa Tree.  Thank you so much, Amanda!
 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

This is the card she sent, too. I am getting my fireplace mantel filled up with cards!!

Here is Eon with his present (right in from off the school bus)...  :D

Legos!!!!  Thank you!!  He has been playing with them ever since. He even brought it to the bus stop this morning to show all his friends. He loves them, thank you. <3

Look! A rare moment, caught on camera...  ;P  My teenaged son even smiled.  He liked the plane he got, too. Thank you so much for thinking of my boys, they love getting things in the mail. Every time I get anything; they get all bummed, "I never get anything."  So it was really special and meant a lot to me that you sent them legos, and wrapped in Christmas paper, too.  Thank you so much, Amanda!
<3 <3 <3

This is how many hats I have done for the Santa Tree, so far...  :)  Only four. (Sigh...)  I want to do a few, at least. I have a fifth one started.   I have been busy all day. I mailed my brother's package out this morning. I was the first one in line at the Post Office. But I had to wait 25 minutes for it to open. (Ugh...)  Then, I went to the bank. Had to wait 15 minutes for it to open.  Then I went to the store and got a few things (they're open 24 hours so I didn't have to wait ;P). Came home. Changed the sheets on the bed. Did laundry. I have been smelling a yucky (vomit) smell from one of the boys' rooms...  I figured it was the one the dog sleeps in. I looked in her kennel. Yup....   Ugh......    So I got a bucket and gloves, and cleaned that up. Still smelled it. Went back in there. I will spare details. But I had to go get the bucket back out again.  It smells better as far as *that* smell goes... Now I have to clean out the hamster cages.  The fun never ends...  :P 
I hope you all have a great day. 

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Mimi said...

Aww...that's all wonderful Tina!...I'm happy for you :)
With regards the housecleaning and errands and unexpected mishaps, I know you can manage as always - take care!