Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm Sewing Hole in Socks...

I know, I probably didn't do this right. I must be going crazy, sewing a hole in socks right now. I guess I just wanted to get my mind off of everything I have to do for Christmas. Well, nothing I really "have" to do. But...  Eon is down to three pairs of socks. (And those are the ones I just bought him.) I had been thinking "Maybe I should try and fix some of his socks.."  Well tonight I looked in my big box of old letters for the one from my husband's Aunt, which shows how to darn a sock. (Someone was on the computer.)  I couldn't find it, and so I  just did this. I cut a piece of one that didn't have a match and had a huge hole, too. And sewed it on. I don't have any darning thread. I think I'll go get some soon.  There's something gratifying about fixing a hole in a sock. Plus I hate to just throw them all away. Call me weird.   
I used Jetta's tennis ball inside the sock. She knew I had her ball and was acting worried. (Even though she had another ball, right in front of her on the floor.) :P  She's a funny dog.   

She was getting warm by the fireplace today. :P  If we don't have a fire going, she will lay by the space heater to get warm (when she is tired of bringing me her ball, that is..). I wonder if she is cold at night. The kids' bedrooms are cold. (But they have a bunch of blankets..) 

I looked for some websites on how to fix holes in socks.   Here is a good video of how to darn a sock. And I also found this article on knitting daily.


paula said...

I can remember Grandma darning socks. She would put her darning egg (egg shaped piece of weed with a handle) into the sock where the hole was. Then, she would just sew the two sides together.

I have her egg somewhere, but, when I darn, all I do is whip the sides of the tear together with normal thread . . or DMC Floss if I'm to lazy to drag out my sewing box . . hum, that may be where the egg is :0}

The only time it feels really weird is when the tear is not straight . . then it can feel a little thick under foot.

Summerysmile said...

I've been thinking about doing the same thing! I'm tired of my toes peeking out of my socks and it's really no fun to buy new socks! Thanks for the motivations!