Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I Got My Stocking Stuffer Swap Package Yesterday!! :D

Jetta had to check out the package... :P 

Look at my awesome stocking Tonya made me!!!! I love this pattern. And I love the colors she chose. (My stocking is the biggest of the whole families now... Hee hee!) :p

Look at all the goodies that were inside! Peppermint Puff candies. I used to like getting the "Bob's soft peppermint sticks", at Walmart. Mostly cuz they're only a dollar, and they are soft and kind of melt in your mouth. Not like regular candy canes. But then this year I found Peppermint Puffs, and I have gotten those. I like them even better. She put a pair of adorable snowman socks (my favorite colors!), a super tiny cute little sewing kit. I'll put that in my purse. :P A peppermint candle, which I lit last night. A felt heart ornament from Michaels. A memo pad with a pen. Awesome. And a poinsettia kleenex pack. Which I will be afraid to ruin and use just on my nose!!  :P

And look what else!! Tonya knows how to stuff a package! Snow Glad It's Christmas sticker book (I love it!!), two different butterfly stickers, and a tea cup butterfly stationery pack (I *almost* bought that one at Michaels), and a stationery "T" pack~ Thank you! I can always use stationery and I am always running out of it.  A magnetic list pad with  "T" on it.  :D

And, last but definitely not least, because I think this is my most favorite thing of all!!! I was so impressed~ Peppermint bark in a Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter~~ How cool is that!? I LOVE it!! I want to try doing that myself, for gifts this year. I was going to do cookies. But this is way more fun.  I found this site, and hopefully I can try it soon. (Since there's only 19 more days til Christmas~~ Yikes!!!) And an adorable Felt Christmas Tree Ornament. I think she made it by hand~ it's so cute!! You are multi-talented and I LOVE everything, thank you so much, Tonya!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Here is my new stocking hung by the fireplace. :D See how much bigger it is? Hee hee...  Actually, now I have guilt. Oh well...    I am the one who will be stuffing the stockings, and I haven't gotten anything for myself. So....  :P

*****Thank you Tonya!!*****

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paula said...

We were married Dec. 20. We had a "beverage bar" with coffee and multiple flavorings, hot chocolate with Bob's Candy Cane sticks to be used as stirrers. We had a bunch left and I was SO HAPPY . . I, too, like the way they melt in your mouth.