Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came To Our House!!

Yesterday I went out to check the mail. When I was walking back to the house, I notice a Walmart bag by the front door. "Huh?"...  I saw Christmas wrapping paper & present inside. At first I thought it was maybe from one of our neighbors. I couldn't think who it would be from...    Well, it was for Eon~ and it was from Santa Claus!!!  Eon wrote a letter in school to Santa. One of the things he said he wanted was legos. Well look what Santa brought him!!   :D   Santa Rocks!! 

I *think* it was from his teacher. But I can't imagine buying something like this for every student in her classroom. That was so awesome of her! I told Eon, "You better write a really nice thank you note to Santa!"  He said, "How will I get it to him?"  I said "Well how did you get your first letter to him? Maybe your teacher can deliver it to Santa.."  :P  So cool.  It made both of our days. 


paula said...

Now THIS is a Christmas memory to treasure forever . . The year Santa Clause left Eon a package before Christmas :0}

Mimi said...

That's so nice, whoever acted as Santa!! The letter is so neat!