Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well, I think he liked it...  :D  Here is Eon, opening the "big present"~ the Snuggie. From the smile on his face, I would say he likes it, huh? I was worried he would be bummed. Just like the time I wrapped his Spiderman blanket up for him & he thought there was going to be a toy in there.  Of course, he got some toys, this time...    Excuse his bed head. :P He couldn't wait to open his presents..

Here it is, on him. :)   He has worn it a couple times since, when he was cold.

Here is a picture of Eli, opening one of his presents...  :)

I don't think Jetta cared about any presents. She just wanted someone to play ball with her...  Dog has a one track mind. lol

I think she "liked" her duck we got her, though. Here she is playing with it. She totally destroyed it already. She had a hole ripped in it and the squeaker out on Christmas Day. Sigh...  I have been picking up pieces of stuffing ever since. She hasn't destroyed her angry birds toy yet. I guess that one's next...  o.O   (You can see her angry birds toy on the floor in the picture above..)

We are having some computer problems. Sooo...  If you don't see me posting for a while, then you know our computer finally crashed.  I'm surprised I was able to upload four pictures today. I tried yesterday, and it took two hours to upload pictures. Then it said "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"...   (grrrr) 

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Mimi said...

Aww...the snuggie looks so warm and comfy! Christmas is more wonderful with young children ;)