Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Fastest Socks in The West!

... Or North, South, or East. :P I tried a new sock pattern today. I made two pairs. These are actually the second pair I made, for our six year old. He saw the other ones I made-- I asked him to try one on, so I could see about what size it was, and he wanted a pair. "In dark blue". I said "I don't think I have any dark blue. Do you want to pick out another color?" So I showed him some light blue I had, and he said yes. He LOVES them! We went grocery shopping after dinner, and he took his new socks with him. :P Not to put on his feet, he already had his shoes on... What a monkey. I guess he really likes them.
I made this pair to send to PR. (Pine Ridge) February is the Sock or Slipper CAL (and KAL). I had started a pair of Ruby's Slippers (I finished them tonight, too~ I'll have to take a picture tomorrow...). But made two of these in between. I have to decide if I want to crochet some more of them, or do a pair like I made before. I don't have any Wool-Ease out here; which I really like to do them in. But I could try some RH, I guess... Decisions, decisions... I also have a pair of socks on dpns with yarn that Miss Kitty sent me for a swap. I think I will keep those for myself, though. But I have tons of Wool-Ease in burgundy sprinkles that I have had forever. I have a feeling quite a few socks will be made in burgundy... Well off to start another pattern I shouldn't be.... :-D

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