Thursday, January 01, 2009

One FO--And My Last Project of 2008

This wasn't even on my WIP list. It is a One Skein Scarf. The color is off, it is amethyst. (Purple) There was a hat (beret) that went with it. But I think I am sticking to just the scarf. Or I will never finish anything.... Maybe I can find a cheap (I mean, inexpensive) hat and gloves to go with them all. Especially for the little kids sets... I started and finished this last night. Yay... (Unlike the garter stitch scarf I started, which is taking forever....)
Roll it up; it is a rose. :P I did this last night to mine (I have one just like this in dk orchid or plum, that Jana sent me last year-- or was it the year before?) for a giftie. The kids were fascinated with it. 'What is it?' 'My scarf. I just rolled it up so it looks like a rose.' 'Can I see it?' :P Funny how they like to play with the simplest things. Kinda like how when you buy them a new toy, and they play with the box...
I am secretly working on the Spiderman RR for our youngest son. It is slow going, since I can only do it when my husband is home. I go in our room and lock the door... I would have it finished in no time if I could work on it out here. I am on the last row of red, and then I have two more blocks of blue. Hopefully it will be big enough by then. I want to do a huge scrap one of them. We'll see.... I will probably have at least two more spiderman (or one spidey, one batman) to do after this one is done....

Can you believe it is 2009 already? :( Where did 2008 go? Where did 2007, 06, 05, 04 go.... I remember when it turned 2000, and everyone was freaking out. (Y2K....) Well hopefully everyone is doing well~~ til next time :)

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