Monday, January 19, 2009

Progress and Update

Well for lack of anything else to post I will post a picture of my Noah's Ark Afghan progress. It is coming along. I have also been working on the spideyghan. In between starting new things. Well technically I actually haven't started anything new; except for something I am testing for Chiscrochetcrazy over at Crochetville. I have joined three CALs lately, though; maybe that is what is causing my stress. :P I joined the Scarf CAL and KAL (done with the CAL and almost done with the KAL) at CFAC, the Fridgies CAL (I made one already, the updated version of the snowman picture frame). Then the Kitsch as Kitsch Can CAL. I love TP covers. I was thinking, the very first thing I made by myself with no pattern was a TP cover; to go in our Hunter Green and Burgundy/Mauve, 'Victorian Rose' bathroom. :P I was looking for a picture I had of the back of our toilet with that on there. I found it, though; and it is all flat and you can't see hardly any of it. :( I was going to try and re-create it. Maybe I will try anyway. I LOVE RoseRed's Rose basket TP cover she made.

I have not been sleeping well at all, lately... I've been having to get up every four hours to take more tylenol. Since I've had my teeth worked on (two weeks ago today), I have gone through one whole bottle of tylenol, almost all the prescription Motrin he prescribed me, a bottle of NyQuil, and a bottle of DayQuil. :0 And, I'm on my second bottle of tylenol. Last night was horrible. I took tylenol at 11 pm. Woke up at 1 (two hours later), my ear was KILLING!!! Took three tylenol this time. Went back to sleep at 2:30 when the pain was gone/I was tired again. Woke up at 6:30 sharp with pain. :( I looked for our insurance book to see where doctors are here in this new town. (Only one Urgent Care, guess that was easy...) They open at 7 am so I get in the shower, get ready, get the kids up.... Go to the doctor so he can check my ear out. 'Looks fine' "WHAT? It is NOT fine!!" (Of course I didn't say that; but I was thinking it...) Refers me to an ENT, and gives me two prescriptions which I doubt I will get filled. Ear drops and narcotics. I call the dentist back. "Can you come in at eleven?" "Yes" Get the kids back in the truck, go back there (AGAIN). They re-did both of the temporary crowns on the right side (side that hurts). Besides being really sore from the shots/being worked on AGAIN, it does feel better. No pain when I close my jaw. We'll see if my ear pain goes away. He also said he thinks I may be grinding my teeth in my sleep and to get a bite guard. If my pain still doesn't go away, he said to make an appointment with that ENT (I told him all about going to the doctor and the referral)... (He had told me to go to the doctor to see if that was causing my ear pain the SECOND time I went back in...) Ugh. I think my blood pressure was up after this day was done. I don't usually have high blood pressure, but I can tell when I do because my face and nose get all red and puffy looking. Kinda scary. I really hope this takes care of the ear pain because I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! :( I think my liver is going to be shot if I take one more tylenol. I've gone WAY past the 10 day point taking them. I need a nap.


Cherri said...

Tina, your blanket looks great so far. So sorry you've been in pain. I really hope it gets better now. It sounds like you've had quite the ordeal. Get well soon and STOP STRESSING!! LOL!
Hugs, Cherri

Tina said...

Ha Ha! I was sorta kidding about the stress from my projects. I hope the dentist fixing my teeth will get rid of this pain. My ear still hurts today but nowhere near as bad as it was. He said the pain should get less and less each day. We'll see. Thank you, Cherri