Friday, January 02, 2009

Bear Hug Scarf

Is it just me, or do you think this scarf would scare the daylights out of a little girl who is two or three years old? The one on the pattern page was so cute! I think it is the 'eyes', and the skinny neck. It looked crooked after I did the mouth, so I re-did the neck and it is a little bit skinnier. I want to get a pink hat and mittens set to send with this. But I thought I'd post a picture now anyway. Since it helps with my mental state somehow... (to know one more project is DONE!)... :P I was deathly afraid of clowns when I was little; and for some reason this reminds me of a clownish type thing (so maybe it is just me...) Well hopefully the little girl who gets it will like it. :-)


Mimi said...

Happy New Year, Tina! I missed reading your blog and commenting ;)
That scarf makes a very nice gift, esp. with a hat and mittens! I think the bear is cute, except it would look better with smaller eyes...but that's just me, some people like big eyes ;)

Tina said...

Thank you, Mimi. Maybe that is it, the eyes are too big. I don't have any black buttons and didn't feel like waiting to buy any. :P

Lucy said...

Great scarf....Maybe, Mimi is right with the eyes....give a try and see what you think!